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Eastman E-13, 8' x 7', Dark Sand door and Claystone overlays, Clear Panoramic windows


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  • Many models under $1,000 installed!*
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There's no better way to understand the quality of our products than to watch them being tested against others in a lab. Watch one of four videos.


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Your door is only as good as its install. That why Garaga offers its customer a network of certified installer. Call us today at 450-471-8484 to get in touch with our Experts!

Portes Bourassa Laliberté

If you are looking for a high quality, beautiful garage door, come find the perfect look at Portes Bourassa Laliberté. With two showrooms and a large fleet of installation and service vehicles, Portes Bourassa Laliberté serves the Greater Montreal area. Whether your project is residential, commercial or agricultural, our consultants will help you find the door that meets all your needs while respecting your budget. We recommend Garaga products for their unparalleled quality, extraordinary beauty and wide range of garage door models.

Where quality comes first

At Portes Bourassa Laliberté, quality comes first. That's why we offer the full range of Garaga products. Their doors are built with high quality materials and are manufactured to meet the most stringent industry standards. For example, the different weatherstripping systems and injected polyurethane foam offer excellent thermal insulation and exceptional sealing against the cold. The quality materials result in a solid and sturdy garage door system that performs well at all times. Your door will keep its flawless appearance for years to come! To learn more about the properties of GARAGA garage doors, please watch the video Garage Doors Are a Tough Breed.

Designed by Garaga

Garaga doors are known for their beauty and wide variety. Regardless of the architectural style of your home, you will find a door that will meet your needs among the many options offered by Garaga:

  • the Eastman and the Standard+ North Hatley for country elegance,
  • the Top Tech and the H‑Tech for a modern look,
  • the Standard+ and the Acadia 138 for traditional homes,
  • and the Uniforce, Dualforce or Triforcefor projects that require less insulation.

Come visit our showroom in Longueuil or in Terrebonne to see the many available models. Let yourself be charmed by the beauty of GARAGA garage doors! There’s a reason we say Garaga is a choice you’ll never regret!

Specialized service in maintenance and repairs

If you suspect your garage door is no longer working as it should and needs to be adjusted, don’t hesitate to contact our team of experts at Portes Bourassa Laliberté. We serve the greater metropolitan region of Montreal, including Laval, Terrebonne and Longueuil.

We recommend all our customers implement a preventive maintenance program for their garage door. This program offers a yearly inspection and lubrication of your garage door system to ensure that all parts are in good working order. Your garage door will always work properly when you need it. If any repairs need to be done, we will provide you with an estimate before starting any work. This help ensures problems can be prevented before they occur. With our experts on the job, you’ll enjoy peace of mind!

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